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High Current Power Supply


Several Options Available

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We have 40KW-2000KW High Current Power Supply options with a range of 40-1200VDC. Link to product: Dual-Range Bi-Directional Power Supply 50/100kW 

We use off the shelf components from Nidec Control Techniques and other national suppliers to provide a rugged and highly cost effective solution to your needs. 

High Current Power Supply

Some Key Features:

  • Manufactured to meed your specific need versus a massive range. Why pay for what you're not using?
  • Upgraded error detection & fault correction
  • Test faster to save time and money
  • Open communications protocol which allows easy integration into any testing setup
  • Self-contained cooling
  • Various Control Modes: Current, Voltage, Power

We also offer dual and triple range high current power supply and custom power supplies upon request.





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